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C. Durkan - biography

    Dr Colm Durkan is the founder and head of the Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanoelectronics group at the Nanoscience centre of the University of Cambridge.   He is a fellow of Girton College, Cambridge.  Originally from Dublin, he obtained his primary degree in Physics from Trinity College Dublin, with first class honours.  He was also a Trinity College Foundation scholar, and was the receipient of the Fitzgerald medal in 1992.  He obtained his PhD in Physics, also from Trinity College, on the topic of Scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM), and built the first SNOM in the country.  After spending a postdoctoral stint at Konstanz University in Germany, during which time he was awarded an Alexandar von Humboldt visiting fellow's scholarship, he came to work in Cambridge in August 1997 as a postdoc in Mark Welland's group.  He has been a University lecturer with full tenure since July 2000 and a Reader in Nanoscale Engineering since October 2010.  He is on the editorial board of the journals Ultramicroscopy,  Microscopy & Imaging and ISRN Nanotechnology.  As well as over 60 papers in peer-reviewed Journals, Colm has also written a textbook on nanoscale electronics, the second edition of which is being written at the moment.  Details of teaching can be found at the following link: teaching.  Colm's research is focused on Functional nanoscale imaging and manipulation of functional materials at the nanoscale to better understand how to create novel devices and structures, and on sensors for a wide range of applications.

Colm Durkan, University of Cambridge Engineering Department and Nanoscience centre, , 11 JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0FF, UK
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