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Scanning probe microscopy and Nanoelectronics group


Scanning probe microscopy and nanoelectronics Group

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Head of group
Dr Colm Durkan, Reader in Nanoscale Engineering,  Nanoscience centre wepbpage    Biography  
Tel: +44 (0)1223 760301

Postdoctoral researchers 
Dr Nan Wang

PhD Students 

Mr Long Ding - ferroelectrics and nanodomains
Mr Chris Greaves - Molecular assemblies

Past group members

Dr Colin Rawlings - micromagnetics
Mr Jose Angel Garcia-Melendrez - ferroelectrics-  nanodomains
Mr Animish Sivaramakrishnan - Graphene nanoelectronics
Ms Qian Zhang - Molecular electronics
Dr Hong Seng (Javier) Wong  - STM on molecules, HOPG
Mr Martin T. John - Cantilever sensors
Mr Gerd Grau - Nanogap electronics
Mr Min Li - Molecular electronics
Dr Yachin Ivry     - Ferroelectrics
Dr Nan Wang  - STM/AFM & transport through novel polymers
Dr Zhi-Yong Yang - STM & spin detection
Dr Sigrid Weigelt - STM on Molecules, MFM
Mr Daniel Etter - graphene electronics
Mr Chris Gilgallon - STM on molecules, self-assembly
Mr Ian Andrews - graphene devices
Fiona Parker - STM on molecules
Gareth Blades - Graphene
Jose Angel Garcia Melendrez - Molecular electronic devices
Dr Wing-Tat (Philip) Pong, Assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong,
Dr Denis Koltsov,
Dr Andrei Mourachkine
Ms Claudia Pagano
Miss Gloria Sheng
Mr Deng-Ke Fan 

Colm Durkan, University of Cambridge Engineering Department and Nanoscience centre, , 11 JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0FF, UK
Last updated August 2013.