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Professor David Cebon

David Cebon

David Cebon is Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Director of the Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium and the Managing Director of Granta Design Limited. Professor Cebon leads an active research group concerned with the design and dynamics of heavy vehicle suspensions, road damage and the micromechanics of asphalt failure. He also has interests in the use of computers in engineering design and education. He has written numerous papers on the dynamics of heavy vehicles, traffic instrumentation, road damage and materials information management software.

Research Interests:

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Some Recent Publications:

Cebon, D.
'Handbook of Vehicle-Road Interaction', Swets and Zeitlinger B.V., Lisse, the Netherlands, ISBN 9026515545, 600pp, 1999.

Ossa, EA, Deshpande, VS and Cebon, D.
'Spherical indentation behaviour of bitumen'. Acta Materialia, Vol 53/11 pp 3103-3113, 2005.

Ossa, EA, Deshpande, VS and Cebon, D.
'Phenomenological model for the monotonic and cyclic behaviour of pure bitumen'. ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, Vol 17, No 2, pp188-197, March/April 2005.

Miege, AJP, and Cebon, D.
'Active roll control of an experimental articulated vehicle'. IMechE J Auto Eng. Vol 219, pp791-806, 2005.

Roebuck, RL, Cebon, D, Jeppesen, BP, Haque, J.
'A systems approach to controlled heavy vehicle suspensions' Int. J. Heavy Vehicle Systems, Vol 12, No 3, pp169-192, 2005.

Odhams, AMC and Cebon, D.
'An analysis of ride coupling in automobile suspensions' IMechE J Auto Eng. Vol 220, No 8, pp 1041 - 1061, 2006.

Cebon, D. and Ashby, MF.
'Engineering materials informatics'. MRS Bulletin, Special Issue on Materials Informatics, Vol 31, pp 1004-1012, Dec. 2006.

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