Student-led Projects and Industry Partnership SPIP

Student-led projects at Cambridge University Engineering Department (CUED) showcase the initiative, technical brilliance and team-working skills of our best students. The projects are of great value in terms of: educational and personal growth of the students; seizing public imagination around the world; raising the profile of modern engineering; and developing some really creative engineering solutions. The Student-led Projects and Industry Partnership (SPIP) exists to support these projects and to facilitate interaction between industry and students.

IA Applications Lecture, Thursday 7 November 2013, LT0/LR4

SPIP will be telling first year undergraduates about its activities on Thursday 7 November at 10am. Short presentations will be given by the SPIP-supported student-led projects, and some of the SPIP industry partners will explain why the student-led project activities are relevant to their businesses. The 10am lecture will be followed by a 'Dragons' Den' session in LR12 from 11am to 1pm, where the student-led projects will bid for SPIP funding. Project Expo will then take place in LR4 from 1pm to 3pm, which will be an opportunity for informal discussion with members of the student-led projects, and to see other student project activity from around the Department.

SPIP Annual Report 2011/2012

The SPIP Annual Report for 2011/2012 outlines the organisation of SPIP and describes the activities of the student-led projects that received support from SPIP during the year.

Industry partners

SPIP is currently supported by the following organisations. Click on the logos to find out more about them.

Boeing BP Jaguar Land Rover Shell Shell National Instruments

Student-led projects

The following projects are currently supported by SPIP:

How SPIP works

The partnership comprises student-led projects and industrial or commercial organisations. The organisations pay an annual subscription, the amount according to the size of the organisation. The subscription income is used to support the projects by means of grants to individual projects and by provision of facilities and equipment in CUED.

The co-ordinator organises at least two annual events for the member projects and organisations. The events usually take place in CUED and provide an opportunity for the project teams to present their recent achievements and to bid for the funding available from SPIP. Member organisations are also invited to attend the Project Expo each year (organised by CUES ) at which a wider range of small-scale student projects is usually on display.

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A local committee comprising the co-ordinator, project team leaders and several members of CUED staff meets after each event to review the progress of SPIP and to discuss provision of facilities and equipment. Grants to individual projects are decided by representatives of the commercial organisations in consultation with the co-ordinator.

Student projects are under no obligation to accept support from a particular sponsor, but they will acknowledge all support received in their published materials. There is no restriction on commercial organisations supporting student projects outside of SPIP, irrespective of whether the commercial organisation is or is not a member of SPIP.

Becoming an industry partner

If you are an industrial or commercial organisation wishing to become a partner and to contribute to the student-led projects please contact the co-ordinator David Cole (djc13) in the first instance.

All member organisations must make a minimum financial contribution to SPIP which will depend on the size of the organisation: 1000 per year for an organisation with fewer than 50 employees; 3000 a year for up to 250 employees and 9000 per year for larger organisations.

In addition, organisations can participate by offering additional support to a project or projects such as: (i) attending project meetings and advising on technical, organisational and fund-raising challenges; (ii) arranging student placements in the vacations that foster skills relevant to the projects; (iii) sponsoring a particular project directly.

Getting support for a student-led project

If you are a current student of CUED and involved with an existing or prospective student-led engineering project you may apply for financial support from the SPIP. Please contact the co-ordinator David Cole (djc13) in the first instance.

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