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If you're interested in doing an MPhil or PhD in the DVD Group then this page is for you. The other pages should give you an idea of the research that the Group undertakes. The Group's research is developing rapidly and new research projects usually evolve from the outcomes of current projects. This means it's not always possible to be very specific about projects that will be starting in 9 or 12 months time. However the field of driver-vehicle dynamics covers many aspects of control theory, motor neuroscience and vehicle dynamics, so a wide range of interests can be accommodated.

If you have any questions about joining the DVD Group or about its research please do contact me. People often send me their CV and ask whether they have a good chance of being offered a place. My reply is that you will only get a definitive answer if you make a formal application. It's not an onerous process and ensures that I get all the necessary information about you to make a decision. Details of the application process are available here. You can apply online or on paper.

In deciding whether to apply it might help you to know that I'm looking for people with a good academic record and an interest in automotive engineering or biomechanics. (See also the University's standard entrance requirements here.) If you're not a recent graduate then some relevant experience is desirable and this experience may compensate to some extent for academic record. People with unconventional career paths shouldn't be put off applying. It's your abilities, interests and potential that are important. So if you think you might satisfy these criteria then go ahead and make an application; it will be given full and careful consideration. Note that application deadlines can be quite early depending on your circumstances.

The application form includes space for you to state a research proposal. It's not necessary to write much in this section. You simply need to state briefly the research areas that interest you and the names of potential supervisors. This information is used to ensure that your application is seen by all the relevant supervisors. Of course, if you do have an idea for a research project then feel free to describe it.

If a member of staff is willing to supervise you then the next hurdle is funding. If I have any funded posts then they will be listed on this page. Otherwise you will need to obtain a scholarship or studentship, or perhaps funding from your employer or other sponsor. Applicants who are UK residents are eligible to compete for an EPSRC DTA research studentship. Details of funding requirements and sources can be found here. Many overseas postgraduate students come to Cambridge with funding from their home country. It may be worth investigating whether you have access to such funding.

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