Sources of SPICE for PC

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Where possible, UK/European sites are listed.  Please note that certain versions are available from the US/Canada only; the download may be long and slow.  We are looking into the possibility of maintaining a local archive.


Microsoft Windows 3.1/3.11

pSPICE 6.3/6.2/6.1/6.0

Evaluation versions of MicroSim PSPICE 6.x for Windows 3.1 are available from the University of Alberta in Canada.  These should also work perfectly satisfactorily with Windows 95 or Windows 98.

You can FTP versions 6.3, 6.2 and 6.0 for Windows from the site in directory /pub/electrical/win3/microsim/.

Version 6.3 (12.1+ Mbyte download) is in directory /pub/electrical/win3/microsim/pspice6.3/

07/09/96 12:00AM          1,359 00README.TXT
07/09/96 12:00AM      4,852,234 62plsyne.exe
07/09/96 12:00AM        363,577 63filtev.exe
07/10/96 12:00AM     12,094,844 63wine.exe
07/10/96 12:00AM      3,055,733 winevals.txt

Version 6.2 (9    Mbyte download) is in directory /pub/electrical/win3/microsim/pspice6.2/ - see below.
Download either one ~9MB file ( or each of the diskette images DISK1-7.ZIP:

10/25/95 12:00AM      1,389,418 DISK1.ZIP
10/25/95 12:00AM      1,445,543 DISK2.ZIP
10/25/95 12:00AM      1,448,334 DISK3.ZIP
10/25/95 12:00AM      1,379,522 DISK4.ZIP
10/25/95 12:00AM      1,448,337 DISK5.ZIP
10/25/95 12:00AM      1,454,546 DISK6.ZIP
10/25/95 12:00AM        470,735 DISK7.ZIP
10/25/95 12:00AM      9,037,949

You can FTP version 6.1 for Windows from the same site in directory /pub/electrical/win3/.

05/30/95 12:00AM      3,211,966 61awine.exe

Version 6.0 (3.5 Mbyte download) is in directory /pub/electrical/win3/microsim/pspice6.0/

05/11/94 12:00AM            763 spice60.txt 
05/11/94 12:00AM        454,568 
05/11/94 12:00AM        912,407 
05/11/94 12:00AM      1,207,408 
05/11/94 12:00AM        954,870

pSpice 5.4

MicroSim PSpice 5.4 for Windows 3.xx... Here are the UK mirrors:

03/21/94 12:00AM      1,040,816
03/21/94 12:00AM      1,187,958
03/21/94 12:00AM        930,859
07/11/96 12:00AM         95,125

Micro-Cap V

NB not tried so far in CUED.

Gilbert Circuit and Analysis

Micro-Cap V is an integrated schematic editor and analog/digital simulator that provides an interactive sketch and simulate environment for electronics engineers. Micro-Cap V, the fifth generation of the Micro-Cap family, blends a modern, Windows-based user interface with the robust and powerful numerical algorithms of SPICE and a fast, native, PSpice-compatible, digital simulator. The result is the most powerful and easiest to use circuit simulator available for personal computers. Micro-Cap V is affordable as well, available at less than half the cost of comparable programs.

Windows 3.1, Windows NT, or Windows 95 working-DEMO 1.4MB

The demo is contained in a .ZIP file. PKUNZIP this file, and then run the SETUP.EXE file under Windows 3.1, Windows NT, or Windows 95. During the installation, it will request a Disk 2. When this prompt comes up, just hit Enter. If you want to transfer the unzipped files over to floppy disks, all of the files go on Disk 1 except for the file MC5.2 which goes on Disk 2.

You can get more information from:


Windows 95, 98

pSpice 9.1 Student Version

Cadence/Orcad (formerly Microcosm) Student version of pspice 9.1 is available at
(27 Mbyte download).  Release Notes are available here, and documentation in Acrobat format here.

pSpice 7.1 Evaluation Version

(This site is currentl not available - see the Cadence link above)

Orcad Microcom evaluation

Or download the files singly as below (UK site) ..

[   ] 71dlep1.exe            21-Jan-97 19:04     1M  
[   ] 71dlep10.exe           21-Jan-97 19:19     1M  
[   ] 71dlep11.exe           21-Jan-97 19:33     1M  
[   ] 71dlep12.exe           21-Jan-97 19:39     1M  
[   ] 71dlep13.exe           21-Jan-97 19:42   409K  
[   ] 71dlep2.exe            21-Jan-97 19:46     1M  
[   ] 71dlep3.exe            21-Jan-97 19:46     1M  
[   ] 71dlep4.exe            21-Jan-97 19:47  1015K  
[   ] 71dlep5.exe            21-Jan-97 19:49   736K  
[   ] 71dlep6.exe            21-Jan-97 19:52     1M  
[   ] 71dlep7.exe            21-Jan-97 20:03     1M  
[   ] 71dlep8.exe            21-Jan-97 20:06   741K  
[   ] 71dlep9.exe            21-Jan-97 20:14     1M  
[TXT] ftp-list               21-Jan-97 18:56     1K  
[TXT] winevals.txt           21-Jan-97 20:14     4K  


Information not yet complete.


pSPICE 6.0

You can ftp version 6.0 for MS-DOS from the site in directory /pub/electrical/win3 and files:

You can find a copy of it in directory /pub/cookbook/softw/ibm and files:

Spice TR3e2bl

Spice TR3e2bl is a 32-bit PC(386/486) shareware version of SPICE 3e2. Spice TR3e2 may be run in either interactive or batch mode, and is intended for anyone who may want learn how to use Spice interactively.

To keep the executable files small enough, only OP, AC, DC, transient, and fourier analysis are supported in Spice 3e2bl. Also, only the following device models are supported: resistors, capacitors, inductors, coupled inductors, linear sources, arbitrary non-linear sources, diodes, bipolar junction transistors, junction FETs, lossless transmission lines, lossy transmission lines, and voltage controlled switches.

You can ftp from the following mirrors:

Linux - for those who wish to experiment

These files (available by FTP from the archive at Imperial College) need to be compiled and linked etc before use.  We cannot offer any help with this!

[   ] spice3f5.lsm           14-Mar-1998 05:45 1k
[   ] spice3f5sbins.lsm      15-Apr-1998 05:34 1k
[   ] spice3f5sbins.tgz      15-Apr-1998 05:49 2.3M
[   ] spice3f5sfix.lsm       25-Jun-1999 04:19 1k
[CMP] spice3f5sfix.tar.gz    25-Jun-1999 04:19 1.3M
[CMP] spicecad-1.7.10-doc...> 10-Oct-1999 13:29 2.7M
[CMP] spicecad-1.7.10-exam..> 10-Oct-1999 13:11 672k
[CMP] spicecad-1.7.10-linu..> 10-Oct-1999 13:07 934k
[   ] spicecad-1.7.10.lsm    10-Oct-1999 12:59 4k

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