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Scientific Imaging Group

We are working in close collaboration with world leader Carl Zeiss SMT on the further advancement of the modern Scanning Electron Microscope and other high performance scientific imaging systems.  The Virtual SEM Project has created a unique multimedia training environment for the SEM. We are developing advanced software systems to help in performance monitoring and remote diagnostics in the SEM over the WWW, aimed at providing a prototype system for the specific needs of Carl Zeiss SMT. Research in this group also includes development of high performance CMOS integrated circuits for optical and RF Communications. We have demonstrated compact low-cost optical transceivers for in-building free space networks. Finally, we have been working on innovative design techniques to facilitate the development of new embedded computing systems. A key feature of this work has been the invention of a novel connector technology - known as Chiprack - which allows the designer to create embedded systems built up from reusable electronic modules - a form of electronic 'Lego'.

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Last updated: February 2008