Module 3B2 - Integrated Digital Electronics

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Laboratory Sessions (information for demonstrators)

The Part IIA Laboratory for Module 3B2  runs in the Electrical and Information Teaching Laboratory (first floor of the Inglis Building). The Chief Technician is Mr Kevin Barney; the Lab telephone number is: extension 32728. The lab is open from approximately 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday.

The Part IIA Laboratory Sessions are scheduled at designated times during Full Term (see below), in the Lent Term only. Students may need to return to the lab in the afternoon to complete an experiment; the equipment is also available during the lunch hour; but note that demonstrators are in attendance during the morning session only.  As well as starting the experiment and giving advice where needed, demonstrators will also provide feedback and record marks awarded for those who have booked a session.

Two experiments are provided, and details are given below.  Please note that the Teaching Office requires that each student carries out only one experiment; in most modules this is achieved by limiting the provision of experiments to one per module.  For 3B2, although two experiments are currently set up, the same applies and students may submit only one report for marking.  In an extension to the normal Teaching Office rules, students may if they wish undertake the second experiment for interest's sake, but may not submit a report for marking.  The lab staff have been asked to monitor the submission of reports and ensure that the submission of reports is in accordance with the rules.

Wednesday Demonstrated 11.00 to 13.00 - students may continue into the afternoon if required
Friday Demonstrated 11.00 to 13.00 - students may continue into the afternoon if required

Demonstrating Schedules (login needed)

Summary of Experiments

Experiment A - Logic Analysers


  1. To become familiar with a typical Logic Analyser, learn its features and gain practice at using it.
  2. To examine and make measurements on the 8 line output of a random sequence generator and on the clock that drives it.
  3. To examine and make measurements on the 16 lines of the IEEE-488 bus between a PC and a DVM while the meter is being set to different ranges and readings are being taken from it.
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Excerpts from LA3200 manual (25 sides)




Folder contains C code of PC software

To refer to the complete LA3200 manual, point your browser at this link 

Experiment B - Digital Circuits


  1. To interpret data sheets supplied by digital IC manufacturers and to use the data in a design exercise.
  2. To make measurements on NAND gates from two different technologies; to compare logic output levels, propagation delays and power consumption.
  3. To investigate how power-delay products for each of these technologies varies with switching frequency.
  4. To gain experience in using oscilloscope probes with a 100 MHz oscilloscope to make accurate measurements down to a few nanoseconds.
  5. To assemble and test a simple system using digital ICs.
  6. To record the system waveforms.
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Full Technical Reports

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Useful web resources 

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General notes for Demonstrators

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