Allan McRobie

Nonlinear Dynamics

Interests: nonlinear dynamic behaviour of engineering systems;

Low dimensional systems

Forced nonlinear oscillators can exhibit a remarkably rich and complex response - chaotic solutions, infinite numbers of coexisting subharmonic solutions, fractal basin boundaries, etc. etc. I am interested in applying topological and geometrical methods to discern organisation within this complexity. For example, single-degree-of-freedom driven oscillators have a three dimensional phase space, amenable to study using knot theory. Similarly, a Poincare section gives a 2D map amenable to analysis using Nielsen-Thurston theory.
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High dimensional systems

Particularly elastodynamics: the dynamic behaviour of rods, plates, shells, etc. - see Structural Engineering . Hamiltonian mechanics.

Nonlinear Dynamics Web Sites

The best place to find these is probably the list of pointers to sites that has been established by Nick Tufillaro at the Centre for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos. The list of pointers is here. Nick's home page, containing other useful information, is here
In the UK, a useful starting point is the site at the Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics at University College London.
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