Hugh Hunt


  • Documentary for Channel Four - Dambusters: Building the Bouncil Bomb
  • prediction of vibration in a hotel proposed near Crossrail
  • testing of a hand-held wind-up 3-phase generator
  • design of a steam sterilizer
  • feasibility study of a tethered ballon for geoengineering
  • vibration isolation of a London concert hall
  • fault detection in large prestressed concrete bridge slabs
  • hand-arm vibration in pneumatic tools;
  • detection of illegal immigrants stowed in vehicles on ferries;
  • tuned vibration absorber for an orbiting satellite;
  • investigation of low frequency vibration in a 12-storey building;
  • design audit for a mid-sized wind turbine;
  • base isolation for a large recording studio;
  • vibration of a cathedral tower due to bell ringing;
  • rollover of a tipper truck;
  • vibration of turbocharger blades;
  • elastomeric materials in vibration isolation for railways;
  • railway track settlement near bridge abutments;
  • vibration endurance testing of railway electronic components;
  • intelligent pigging of 4" gas distribution mains;
  • torsional vibration of marine-engine drive trains;
  • braking forces in floating-slab track;
  • analysis of the dynamics of electromagnetic shakers;a
  • tuned vibration absorber for a vibration testing machine;
  • vibration testing machines and engine test-bed vibrations;
  • vibration modelling of elevated railway structures;
  • wind-excited vibration of a slender structure;
  • design of a rotating calatytic reactor bed;
  • resilient mounting for a wind-excited structure.

    Expert Witness:

  • 2007 Petition against the Crossrail Bill, Grand Central Sound Studios, Select Committee House of Commons;
  • 2003 Ince & Co, Investigation of the crash-landing of an Airbus A340 at London Heathrow;
  • 2003 Ince & Co, Rollover of a tipper truck;
  • 1982 Failure of a gas-turbine geared coupling, Sydney, Australia.

    (list updated February 2011)

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