Hugh Hunt

Curriculum Vitae

last updated 14 June 2004

Current employment:

Senior Lecturer in Mechanics, Cambridge University Engineering Department, from Oct. 1989;

Fellow and College Lecturer in Engineering at Trinity College, Cambridge, from Jan. 1990;

Tutor; Director of Studies and Admissions Officer in Engineering, Trinity College.

Research Interests


Research Grants

1994-95, EC Marie-Curie Fellowship (Susy Varughese PostDoc), Epoxodized natural rubber for engineering applications with special reference to damping properties, £20k

2001-2003, EC Framework 5 grant, CONVURT (CONtrol of Vibration from Underground Railway Traffic), value to Camb. Univ. €200k

Academic Distinctions and Prizes

Conference Organization, Editorial Panels

International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration, Editorial Board;

Institute of Physics School Teachers' Update Course, Cambridge Dec 2002

8th Int Congress on Sound and Vibration, Hong Kong, July 2000, Scientific Committee;

Ball 2000: A Symposium Commemorating the Legacy, Works, and Life of Sir Robert Stawell Ball Upon the 100th Anniversary of "A Treatise on the Theory of Screws", Trinity College Cambridge, July 2000;

7th Int Congress on Sound and Vibration, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, July 2000, Scientific Committee, Proceedings Editor, Special session on noise and vibration from trains;

Acoustics 2000: Research into Practice, Ins Acoustics Spring Conference, University of Liverpool, 17-18 April 2000, special session on Base isolation of buildings;

6th Int Congress on Sound and Vibration, Denmark, July 1999, Scientific Committee;

5th Int Congress on Sound and Vibration, Adelaide, Dec 1997, Scientific Committee.

Teaching Experience

Cambridge University: (note: the four undergraduate years are labeled Parts IA, IB, IIA and IIB)

Lecture courses: Part IA Mechanics, Linear Systems and Vibration; Part IB Selected Topics (Mechanical Engineering , Design and Manufacturing); Part IIA Paper G7 Dynamics and Vibration; Part IIB Paper B6 Advanced Linear Vibration.

Laboratory demonstrating: Part IA Fan-blade vibration; Rotor dynamics and balancing; C++. Part IB Kinematics of plane mechanisms; Dynamic vibration absorber;

Design and development of new experiments: Part IIA Paper G7 Dynamics, Gyroscopic phenomena.

Examining: Part IA Mechanical Engineering (Mechanics, Linear Systems and Vibration); Part IB Mechanics; Part IIA Dynamics and Vibration, Part IIB Advanced Linear Vibration.

Undergraduate supervision (6 hours per week since 1985) Dept of Eng and Selwyn and Emmanuel Colleges:Part IIA paper G7 Dynamics and Vibrations, Parts IA and IB Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Linear Systems and Vibration, Dimensional Analysis & Materials

Trinity College, Cambridge: Direction of Studies in all years.

Other Teaching:

Rice University Spring Semester 1996, Mech412 Vibrations

Trinity College, Melbourne (1983): Tutor in Mech. Eng. Sci.

External Examiner

2001-04 MSc in Sound and Vibration Studies, ISVR, University of Southampton

External Masters and Doctoral Examinations

2002 A.P. de Man, PhD Technische Universiteit Delft, Netherlands, "A survey of dynamic railway track properties 2002 ISVR University of Southampton, external examiner for the MSc in Sound and Vibration Studies.

2001 G Lombaert, PhD Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium: "Development and experimental validation of a numerical model foe the free field vibrations induced by road traffic

2000 T. Wu, PhD ISVR University of Southampton: "Development and application of theoretical models for high frequency vibration of railway track"

1999 A K Sharif, PhD Imperial College London: "Dynamic performance investigation of base-isolated structures";

1997 R D Fröhling, PhD University of Pretoria: "Deterioration of railway track due to dynamic vehicle loading and spatially varying track stiffness";

1997 C Birnie, MPhil, University of Cambridge: "Multi-body impact with concurrent contacts";

1997 K Seffen, PhD, University of Cambridge: "Analysis of Structures Deployed by Tape Springs".


1984-88, Univ. of Cambridge, England, Candidate for the degree of PhD. in Engineering, awarded Dec 1988.

1979-81, Univ. of Melbourne awarded Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Mech), First Class with Honours and First Place.

1977, HSC for University entrance.

1966-77, Melbourne C.of E. Grammar School.

Academic Institutions

M. Instn Mechanical Engineers (1991, CEng 1992); M. Institute of Acoustics (1992); M. American Soc. Mechanical Engineers (1995).

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