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Dr Hugh Hunt

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Research Interests

  • Blocking out the sun won't fix climate change - but it could buy us time
  • COP21 Discussion: Professor Kevin Anderson & Dr. Hugh Hunt - Climate Justice? "Let them eat cake!"
  • SPICE - Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering

  • Pipe-in-Pipe model for ground vibration from railways PiP
  • TV, Radio and Popular Press

    Building Hitler's Supergun
    The Plot to Destroy London

    Attack of the

    Building the Bouncing Bomb

    Escape from

    Stunt Special

    Digging the
    Great Escape

    Dynamics videos:

  • Gyroscopes and Boomerangs
  • Climate Change and Renewable Energy IB Integrated Coursework
  • Research Group Affiliations: Dynamics and Vibration and Mechanics, Materials, and Design
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  • Vibration Topics
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  • Lectures and Outreach including after-dinner and other lectures (see lecture photos here)

  • Transit of Venus 8 June 2004, Trinity College Great Court
  • Path of shadow during Total Lunar Eclipse 3-4 March 2007
  • Trinity College Clock and the Denison Double Three-legged Gravity Escapement Animation
    The Age of Stupid Screening at 7.30pm Friday 22 May 2009, CUED LT0. For more info click here.
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    In Memoriam Anthony Tootal
    The answer to Elgar's "Enigma" is B-A-C-H
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