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Keith A. Seffen

University Reader in Structural Mechanics
Fellow of Corpus Christi College

Dr Seffen jointly runs the Advanced Structures Group with Dr Simon Guest, researching and finding solutions for novel lightweight, deployable and/or shape-changing (morphing) structures. KAS is a Chartered Mathematician, and a member of the Institute of Maths and its Applications (IMA) and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). He is Director of Studies for Engineering at Corpus Christi, and he lectures on Structural Mechanics in CUED thoughout the Tripos.

Prospective postgraduates (MPhil/PhD): enquiries for positions are welcome provided: you have a first-class, or equivalent bachelors/masters degree; you have formulated a sensible, short research plan based on KAS's interests; you have actively sought out eligible scholarship programmes. You will need to be good at maths, experimentation and computation, and have read the relevant literature.

Prospective exchange/internship students: be advised that you will need over 1000 UK pounds per month for departmental fees/living costs in Cambridge, and that there are no funds here to support this; evidence of first-class, or near to, performance in previous exams is required; E-mails that are obviously part of a larger mail-shot will be deleted. In other words, be specific and personal.

Prospective industrial collaborators: enquiries for problem solving/idea development are welcome; please E-mail KAS/SDG with a summary of your requirements and they will reply as quickly as they can.

Prospective Part IIB dissertation students: projects will be posted in the Easter Vacation 2019.

Teaching materials for 2018/19: will be available on Moodle shortly.

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