[Univ of Cambridge] [Dept of Engineering]

Research Team 2010-11

  • Keith Seffen, University Senior Lecturer in Engineering
  • Arnaud Bonin, PhD candidate in "Shape Control of Wrinkled Membranes", third year
  • Videsh Seereeram, PhD candidate in "Morphing Curved Corrugated Shells", second year
  • Evros Loukaides, PhD candidate in "Actuation of Multistable Shells", first year

Former post-doctoral members of the group include Dr Haiyan Yang, now working for McLaren Mercedes, and Dr Majid Aleyaasin at Aberdeen University. Former PhD students include Dr Alex Norman (Thesis: Multistable and Morphing Corrugated Shell Structures) now at Ove Arup; Dr Eduard Toews (Thesis: Active Hyperhelical Structures) now at Baustein, Dr Feng Xu (Thesis: Skin Biothermomechanics and Thermal Pain) now at MIT and Dr Sam Waller (Thesis: Mechanics of Novel Compression Structures) now at the Engineering Design Centre, CUED. Former CUED student members include Alessandro Papa, Henry Middleton, Ian Kisby, William Mulholland, Alex Butler, Eleanor Crane, Owain Evans, Linda Watson, Trevor Worgan, Alex Massie, Charlie Brooks, Kelvin Donald, Patrick Overy, Ritika Agarwal, Haukur Heimisson, Ian Vigrass, Jon Walsh, charlie Watt, Chris Kwong, James Mumford, David O'Brien, Lucie Vivian, Nicholas borner, Tom Peach and Chris Uglow.

  • Department Address: University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1PZ
  • kas14@eng.cam.ac.uk