Cambridge University Engineering Department
PhD and Post-doc Bioengineering Seminar

Thursday 16th March 2017, 8:45am-2pm

Location: LR4

This event will concentrate on bioengineering research currently underway within the Department, through a series of presentations by research students and postdocs. All members of the Department are welcome to attend, particularly research students and postdocs. Fourth year undergraduates interested in graduate studies in bioengineering are encouraged to attend.

Registration for catering is closed, but please just turn up!

Draft programme

8:45am-9am Arrive and coffee

Nikki Weckman: Microfabricated acoustic sensors for biosensing applications

Fergus Riche: Investigating localised cellular rheology with light sheet microscope

Daniel McNamee: Efficient multi-dimensional neural coding via conformal diffusion flow

Ewelina Wajs: Film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) based biosensor for early detection of aggressive prostate cancer

Yuze Wang: Pore-scale experimental study of microbial induced carbonate precipitation(MICP)

Magda Gerigk: Image-assisted microvessel-on-a-chip for cancer extravasation studies

Ed Kay: A smart stethoscope

10:45-11:15am Refreshment break

Graeham Douglas: Multiphoton microscopy of fibre microstructure re-organisation in notched and unnotched artery strips

Andreas Petrides: Substrate enzyme-sequestration in multisite protein phosphorylation

Simon Attwood: The role of charge-charge interactions in determining protein adsorption at solid surfaces

Alberto Bernacchia: Neural computation with Dale's principle

Hamsini Suresh: Mechanics of developmental decisions in single cells

Michal Bogdan: Modelling fingering tissue edges as a viscous instability

Alex Justin: Multi-casting approach for vascular networks in cellularized hydrogels

1pm-2pm Lunch

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