Composite Compressive Strength Modeller

A Windows-based composite design tool for engineers Version 2.0, 2013

M. P. F. Sutcliffe, X. J. Xin, N. A. Fleck and P. T. Curtis*

Engineering Department, Cambridge University, Cambridge, CB2 1PZ, U.K.
* Physical Sciences Department, DSTL Porton Down, Salisbury, Wilts, SP4 0JQ, U.K.

Composite Compressive Strength Modeller (CCSM) is a PC software design tool for deformation analysis and failure prediction of composite materials.

CCSM incorporates the following features:

  1. Classical laminate theory for the prediction of laminate elastic properties;
  2. Stress and strain analysis when in-plane forces and/or bending moments are applied;
  3. Unnotched failure prediction by conventional failure criteria and the Budiansky-Fleck compressive failure criterion;
  4. Compressive failure prediction for notched composite plates;
  5. A user-expandable database to store material and geometrical properties.

The program is a tool to predict laminate failure, once the loads on a section of the laminate are known. For simple geometries it may be clear what the loading is, while for more complicated geometries the program may be used as part of a larger calculation to check for failure at critical points in the structure. CCSM is written in the Microsoft Visual Basic language and it runs in the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The CCSM setup file may be downloaded from here while help on using CCSM is available in a Quickstart Guide and the full User Manual.

For further information please email Michael Sutcliffe at


The authors are grateful for helpful advice from Prof C Soutis, Ms V Hawyes, Mr P Schwarzel and Mr I Turner, for additional programming help from Mr A Curtis and for financial support from the Procurement Executive of the Ministry of Defence, contract 2029/267, and from the US Office of Naval Research grant 0014-91-J-1916.

Other references and further reading

March 2013