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Michael Sutcliffe - Research Interests

Candidates with suitable research backgrounds and a 1st class degree are invited to apply for a PhD position. Applications relating to active projects are welcome. Further details of projects in my three areas of research are given in the links below.

Composites and Textiles

Research into micromechanics of composites, including draping of textiles, compressive strength and fibre waviness defects, as part of the Micromechanics group.

Previous research has been used to develop a PC software design tool, Composite Compressive Strength Modeller (CCSM), for deformation analysis and failure prediction of composite materials.

Biomedical Engineering

Research on various aspects of biomedical engineering, including artery mechanics, brain surgery and cancer radiotherapy, linked with the Departmental strategic theme on Bioengineering.


Tribological research on tyre wear, metal rolling tribology and chemical mechanical polishing. Linked with the Departmental strategic theme on Energy, Transport and Urban Infrastructure.

Group photo

Group photo, October 2017 (Stavros Lykakos,Shijia Pan, Carla Troyas, Luke Johnson, Leila Shelley, Verner Viisainen, Michael Sutcliffe, Aziz Tokgoz)

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