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Animated description (with sound)  
Application to the Fluid Mechanics course  
Creation of the animations  

Creation of the audio-visual animations

The audio-visual animations are created with Camtasia Studio on a Tablet PC. Camtasia Studio records the screen and your voice while you write on the screen with a pen. You can edit the recording afterwards in order to remove mistakes or insert other clips. An animation can be created as several separate clips that are edited together afterwards.

Camtasia records everything that is on the screen. I have found that Powerpoint and Windows Journal are good programs to record because they are already geared to a presentation format. You can also play a video and provide your own commentary.

I would like to acknowledge the help of the University's Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies (CARET) in this project. The first audio-visual clips were produced with CARET. After they proved to be successful, CARET came up with the Tablet PC & Camtasia combination that allows the clips to be produced without their help.

Please contact me if you would like to use the Tablet PC.

Matthew Juniper, April 2007

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