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Research Assistant/Associate in Theoretical Thermoacoustics (two positions)

Two Research Assistant/Associate positions exist to supplement an on-going activity on Thermoacoustics. The project is funded by the European Commissions and will last until 31 May 2016. One of the positions will revolve around Computational Fluid Dynamics of unsteady combustion, with particular application to self-excited oscillations of interacting turbulent flames in an annular-type configuration. The second position will contribute to the development of low-order models of thermoacoustic systems using a level set description of the flame combined with an acoustic network model.

Both positions require that the candidate has obtained or is close to obtaining a PhD in a closely-aligned combustion area. In particular, experience in thermoacoustics, CFD with compressible codes, and/or low-order modelling of acoustic and flames is essential. Very good report and paper-writing skills and presentation skills are needed.

Further details can be found here.

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