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New PhD research opportunities

Please contact Matthew Juniper directly about general research opportunities within the group. The best times of the year are October to November for non-European students and October to March for European students (including UK). Non-European students should apply before mid October , which is the deadline for funding applications to the Cambridge Trusts, unless they have secured their own funding.
vs_2 PhD studentship in Control of Cyclone Flow Instabilities for Increased Efficiency, Reduced Pressure Loss and Lower Noise

Starting in October 2015 for 3.5 years.

The cyclone separator was the key technological leap that allowed Dyson to revolutionize the vacuum cleaner. Within nearly all cyclone separators there is a flow instability that increases the turbulent kinetic energy in the cyclone, reducing its efficiency. The aim of this project is to understand and control this instability in order to produce a more stable flow with better performance. The project will use adjoint methods combined with multi-objective optimization. The successful candidate will develop models for pressure loss and separation performance and will gain experience in analytical and numerical instability analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, particle laden flows, and experimental techniques. The project will involve close collaboration with Dyson and a period of time at their head office. While this project is focused on cyclones, the tools developed will have wider application in Dyson's products.

Applicants should have an excellent academic track record in a scientific, mathematical, or engineering discipline. A strong background in Fluid Mechanics or numerical analysis would be beneficial.

Full funding is available to UK and EU nationals only (click here for nationality requirements and here for qualification requirements). A further £ 3,000 per year will be offered (i) to all UK nationals and (ii) to non-UK EU students who have been resident in the UK for three years or longer.

An application letter and CV should be emailed to Dr Matthew Juniper ( by 8th March 2015. Interviews via Skype or telephone will be from 9th to 13th March, or earlier by mutual arrangement.

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