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Matthew Juniper

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Postgraduate Courses

AIM_logo Fundamentals of Flow Instability
AIM_logo Introduction to Control
AIM_logo AIM-ED International Graduate School in Flow Stability, Transition and Control
Nordita_logo FLOW-NORDITA course on Classic Modal Stability Analysis
vs_2 Application of receptivity and sensitivity analysis to thermoacoustic instability (preprint)
Accompanying slides
VKI Lecture Series 2014-05 ISBN 978-2-87516-063-8 (2014)
AIM_logo ANADE Workshop on Receptivity and sensitivity analyses; Uncertainties and Mesh adaptation algorithms
Peter Schmid's presentation
Peter Schmid's Matlab codes
Jacques Peter: Adjoint-based Sensitivity Analysis for Compressible Flows
Jacques Peter: Goal-oriented Mesh Adaptation
Jacques Peter: Basics of Local Optimization
Jacques Peter: Gradient-based Aerodynamic Optimization with the elsA Software
Jacques Peter: Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification
Patrick Farrell: Implementing Finite Element models in FEniCS slides
Patrick Farrell: Dolfin adjoint slides
Patrick Farrell: Dolfin and FEniCS downloads
Dirk Wunsch: Uncertainty Management
N3L_logo 21st CISM-IUTAM International Summer School on Measurement, Analysis, and Passive Control of Thermoacoustic Oscillations
Matthew Juniper: 'Adjoints and Passive Control in Thermoacoustics'
Matlab code

Research Skills Course

The hardest part of research is working out what the question is. These movies show how to reduce an open question into several logically-consistent closed questions and then how to answer these with rigorous research.

vs_2 Issue Trees
vs_2 Hypothesis Trees
vs_2 Application of an Issue Tree to an engineering question
vs_2 Application of a Hypothesis Tree to an engineering question

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