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AIM_logo Fundamentals of Flow Instability
AIM_logo Introduction to Control
AIM_logo AIM-ED International Graduate School in Flow Stability, Transition and Control
Nordita_logo FLOW-NORDITA course on Classic Modal Stability Analysis
N3L_logo N3L International Summer School on Non-normal and Nonlinear Effects in Aero- and Thermo-acoustics
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vs_2 Application of receptivity and sensitivity analysis to thermoacoustic instability (preprint)
Accompanying slides
VKI Lecture Series 2014-05 ISBN 978-2-87516-063-8 (2014)
AIM_logo ANADE Workshop on Receptivity and sensitivity analyses; Uncertainties and Mesh adaptation algorithms
Peter Schmid's presentation
Peter Schmid's Matlab codes
Jacques Peter: Adjoint-based Sensitivity Analysis for Compressible Flows
Jacques Peter: Goal-oriented Mesh Adaptation
Jacques Peter: Basics of Local Optimization
Jacques Peter: Gradient-based Aerodynamic Optimization with the elsA Software
Jacques Peter: Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification
Patrick Farrell: Implementing Finite Element models in FEniCS slides
Patrick Farrell: Dolfin adjoint slides
Patrick Farrell: Dolfin and FEniCS downloads
Dirk Wunsch: Uncertainty Management

Research Skills Course

The hardest part of research is working out what the question is. These movies show how to reduce an open question into several logically-consistent closed questions and then how to answer these with rigorous research.

vs_2 Issue Trees
vs_2 Hypothesis Trees
vs_2 Application of an Issue Tree to an engineering question
vs_2 Application of a Hypothesis Tree to an engineering question

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