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3A1 1B Fluid Mechanics

This course covers elementary inviscid flow, elementary viscous flow, boundary layers, pipe flow, network analysis, turbulence, external flow, dimensional analysis, scaling, an introduction to compressible flow and convective heat transfer. Students and supervisors at the University of Cambridge can find supplementary course materials at

4A10 4A10 Flow Instability, second half

In the first four lectures we explore the concepts of added mass, flutter, galloping and vortex shedding from moving structures. These can have catastrophic effects. In the next four lectures, we explore absolute and convective instability in shear flows. Students enrolled on this course can find handouts, further course materials and examples papers solutions at

1A Maths 1A Fast Maths Course, second half

This course covers matrices and differential equations.

1A Maths Creation of audio-visual materials for the Cambridge Fluid Mechanics courses

In 2005/06 we trialled audio-visual aids to students as part of a study by the Cambridge-M.I.T. Institute. Students found these aids very useful, particularly when a new concept was introduced. They now form part of the 2nd and 3rd year Fluid Mechanics courses. This movie shows how they were created and the impact that they had on teaching.

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