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Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Picturing Fluids
Fluids and Vector Calculus
Inviscid Flow and Bernoulli
Viscous Flow
Boundary Layers
Laminar/Turbulent Pipe Flow
Pipe Flow Networks
Boundary Layers
External Flow and Drag
Dimensional Analysis/Scaling
Compressible Flow


Jupiter Fluid Mechanics is one of the most beautiful subjects in Physics. It spans lengthscales from quantum vortices in liquid helium to stellar accretion discs in astrophysics and it underpins numerous applications of engineering, from lab-on-a-chip to aircraft. Fluid mechanics has fascinated researchers for centuries and continues to do so today. I hope that this lecture course, which is intended primarily for engineering undergraduates, will have the same effect on you as my first Fluid Mechanics course did on me.

Matthew Juniper, May 2015

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