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Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Picturing Fluids
Fluids and Vector Calculus
Inviscid Flow and Bernoulli
Viscous Flow
Boundary Layers
Laminar/Turbulent Pipe Flow
Pipe Flow Networks
Boundary Layers
External Flow and Drag
Dimensional Analysis/Scaling
Compressible Flow

Picturing Fluids

3A1 Blank handout

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3A1 1.1 Picturing fluids (03:10)

Why we think of a fluid as a continuum, with no gaps, rather than as a collection of molecules

3A1 Aside: Particles vs. Fields (03:24)

We know that fluids are made up of atoms and molecules so why do we model them as if they are continuous materials with no gaps? This clip explains why

3A1 1.2 The properties of a fluid (03:02)

The properties of a fluid are determined by its molecular nature. As an example, the ideal gas equation of state is derived by considering molecular collisions on a piston head.

3A1 Completed handout

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