WebCADET © NHM Caldwell & PA Rodgers, 1998-2000


Currently, there are three active researchers involved in the WebCADET project. They are:

Paul A. Rodgers

Nicholas H.M. Caldwell

Avon P. Huxor

Presently, the emphasis of WebCADET is on supporting a number of knowledge management issues involved in New Product Development, particularly during the conceptual design phase when early mistakes can lead to substantial costs later in the process. WebCADET achieves this through the provision of an effective and efficient mechanism for the capture, storage and management of design knowledge. At present, the use of WebCADET in a 'live' industrial case study is exploring the utility of its support to design decision making and knowledge management tasks particularly during the early stages of New Product Development.

Below are links to a couple of recent papers written on the development of WebCADET and how it supports designers during the design process:

RODGERS, P.A., CLARKSON, P.J., CALDWELL, N.H.M., HUXOR, A.P., "Supporting 'Intelligent' Navigation of Design Knowledge", Proceedings of the 1998 Lancaster International Workshop on Engineering Design CACD'98, (Eds. A. Bradshaw and J. Counsell), University of Lancaster, May 27-28, 1998, pp 123 - 147, ISBN 1 86220 057 2.

RODGERS, P.A., CALDWELL, N.H.M., HUXOR, A.P., CLARKSON, P.J., "Handling Design Knowledge in Emerging Dispersed Enterprises", to appear in the Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED'99), Munich, Germany, August 24-26, 1999.