gEDA suite for Windows

This installer isn't an official release, and has some omissions.
(For one, it doesn't yet ship the appropriate license files with the packages it installs).

geda-gaf-1.6.0-4.exe (Built against GTK 2.16.6, and includes fix for gschem fonts and postscript output on locales with "," as decimal separator.) (Removed due to lack of space)

geda-gaf-1.6.0+cairo_printing-1.exe (As above, but includes experimental printing support)

I'm making it available, although delibrarlely not in an obvious, or publically linked location,
in the hope of getting some testing and feedback from experienced, or brave gEDA users.

The Windows port is considered to be in an alpha state, and may contain bugs.

I'd appreciate if this release were not re-distributed, although users are free do do so
according to the terms of the GPL and LGPL licenses under which the software is distributed.

Please email me if you wish me to send any of the source-code, or the
patches I used for Guile and GTK to improve their functionality on Win32


I built the last released PCB version, rather than digging into producing tarballs and getting the latest code built,
so there are some known issues which will be fixed after the next PCB release.

The installer puts start-menu icons in your per-user start-menu directory, not the "All Users" one.
That was probably a mistake on my part, as it doesn't match the fact that I'm setting the GEDADATA
and GUILE_LOAD_PATH variables in the system wide location. Just move the entries to the "All Users"
equivalent, and it works fine.

The uninstaller seems to work, but beware; any files placed in the installation's folder will be deleted when the
suite is uninstalled. In addition, rather than deleting the registry keys for a couple of environment variables,
it just removes the strings from them. To truly clean up, you need to delete:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment\GEDADATA
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment\GUILE_LOAD_PATH

Known bugs

1. Printing - forget it for now (and the foreseeable future). Write ".ps" to file, and use some conversion utility to make into pdf.

2. Saves preferences in the equivalent of %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\.gEDA, rather than the proper "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\Application Data\gEDA" folder. I'll probably move it to in the future, so beta users ought to expect this old folder gets left around.

3. Some bugs (complete failure) have been noticed when the suite, and the schematics being edited are on different drive letters, e.g.: C:\geda\bin\gschem.exe and D:\work\schematic.sch

4. Relocation will be done by the installer setting some system-wide (or per-user?) environment variables, GEDADATA and GUILE_LOAD_PATH. That is another possible place some setting might need manual clean-up if you wanted to remove the suite entirely. (No other system locations are touched though).

5. Applications icons show the GTK logo, not gEDA icons. Probably fixable, but I may not get around to it. (Minor nit)

I'm interested in bug reports, but on the basis that this port is an experiment. I'm offering no guarantees that the port will be usable, or that I'll ever get round to making it so.

Peter Clifton