Paul Fidler

My job

I am currently working in Cambridge University Engineering Department as part of the Structures Research Group. Specifically, I'm helping to develop a computer program to assess the strength of concrete bridges. I actually know nothing whatsoever about concrete bridges, but so far this does not seem to be much of a problem!

This job is actually the third job that I've had since graduating from Churchill College, Cambridge in June 1994. My other jobs were with SJ Research Ltd. and Olivetti Research Ltd..

My interests and hobbies

My main interests when I'm not at work are eating, sleeping and watching television. When I was a student, I was very good at all of these. Unfortunately, now that I have to work for a living I don't have quite as much free time in which to indulge in these activities as I would like. In particular, I've discovered that eating generally has to be preceded by cooking, which I was completely sheltered from while at college!

I am now quite good at cooking quickly, using as few cooking utensils as possible (to save washing-up time) and using as many frozen or tinned ingredients as possible (so that I can buy in bulk and save on shopping time). My recipes are not necessarily the authentic or the correct way to cook, but they are quite tasty and (judging by my increase in weight over the last year) quite nutritious.

Paul Fidler <praf1@cam·ac·uk>