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3B3 Switch mode Electronics : Syllabus


  ZCS dc-dc step down converter  

4B2 Power Electronics and Applications : Syllabus

  Power IC 500V Output Device HEXFET  

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Engineering Area Activity - Design of CD Players : Description

Design Project in Electrical Power : Summary

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Patrick Palmer joined the teaching staff of the Department of Engineering in 1985. He is now Reader in Electrical Engineering. His principle research is in the design, characterisation and use of power semiconductor devices. He has over 100 publications in the area and has current research in the use of high voltage IGBTs connected in series, the characterisation of IGBTs and the computer simulation and optimisation of IGBTs and diodes. He also has an active interest in the computer simulation of multi-disciplinary systems, including resonant power electronic circuits, captive power systems and fuel cells. He has patents on novel MOS gated devices and MOS gate drives.


  Series connected IGBT Rig  

Dr Palmer is also a fellow of St. Catharine's College Cambridge , where he is Director of Studies in Engineering

Dr Palmer is part of the VTB project based at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina USA .

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email: prp@eng.cam.ac.uk