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Paul Scott

Paul Scott   MEng, AMIMechE

Ph.D. Research Student (Start date: October 2004)
Structures Group
Department of Engineering
University of Cambridge


MEng Mechanical Engineering with Spanish (first class)
University of Nottingham

Principal Research Area: Durability of CFRP prestressed concrete

Research began in October 2004 to study the durability of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) prestressed concrete for use in the marine environment.

Although CFRP is corrosion resistant, the commonly used epoxy matrix material is permeable to aqueous solutions, which affect its chemical and physical properties. Through modelling and experimental work, the project is assessing the potential effect that the marine environment may have on CFRP prestressed concrete structures. Specifically, sites of concrete cracking are being considered, where prestressing tendons are exposed directly to aqueous solutions.

Further to the work being undertaken at the University of Cambridge, collaborative work is underway with North Carolina State University to investigate the corrosion fatigue behaviour of CFRP prestressed structures.

Given its corrosion and fatigue resistance, CFRP prestressed concrete structures may be specified with long design lives for use in the marine environment. Growth of sectors such as the offshore wind industry provide a niche market where CFRP prestressed concrete could be more cost effective than the industry standard tubular steel towers.

Supervised by:
Dr Janet Lees, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Advised by:
Dr Michael Sutcliffe, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.

Wider Research Interests

Refereed Journal/Technical Publications

Mertol, H.C., Rizkalla, S., Scott, P., Lees, J.M., El-Hacha, R., (2006). “Durability of Concrete Beams Prestressed with CFRP”, Case Histories and Use of FRP for Prestressing Applications, ACI Special Publication SP245-1, Editors El-Hacha, R. and Rizkalla, S.

Refereed Conference Publications

Scott, P., Lees, J.M., Sutcliffe, M.P.F., (2007). “Novel Modelling of Solution Uptake in CFRP Tendons”, Eigth International Symposium on Fibre Reinforced Polymer for Reinforced Concrete Structures (FRPRCS-8), Patras, Greece, editor, Triantafillou, T. C., ISBN 9789608969100, pp 516-517 (Extendend abstract).

Mertol, H.C., Rizkalla, S., Scott, P., Lees, J.M., El-Hacha, R., (2007). “Durability and Fatigue Behaviour of Concrete Beams Prestressed with CFRP”, Third International Conference on Durability & Field Applications of FRP Composites for Construction (CDCC 2007), Quebec City, Canada.

Scott, P., Lees, J.M., (2006). “CFRP Prestressing Tendons: Solution Uptake and Swelling Effects”, Third International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering (CICE 2006), Miami, Florida, Editors, Mirmiran, A. and Nanni, A., ISBN 0615135862 pp 467-470.

Mertol, H.C., Rizkalla, S., Scott, P., Lees, J.M., El-Hacha, R., (2006). “Durability of Concrete Beams Prestressed with CFRP”, ACI Fall Convention 2006, Denver, Colorado.

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