Teaching Office WWW/Unix utilities

This page describes some web-based Teaching Office facilities - how to set them up and run them. Routine tasks can be performed using the Control Panel (see right for a partial screen-dump). This lets TO staff switch programs off/on, lets them process and archive replies, etc.

More detail (required when setting up the programs) is provided below where there are also links to further documents of use only to computing staff.


Program-specific Facilities

Some of the documents below are User Manuals for the Teaching Office. There are also Technical Documents for programmers.

List of useful URLs

If the following pages are used to switch between years it's best to restart the browser before testing another facility.

CUED's central computing system

Some of the files relating to this aspect of Teaching Office work (not least this web page) are on CUED's central computing system. Teaching Office staff can access these files by typing

   slogin teachoff@ts-access

(or equivalent) from any CUED Linux/MacOS/Windows machine which has ssh provision. It will let teaching office staff straight in.

Updated September 2018
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