Sound Pattern Quotes

"The Metaphysics of Sound in Wallace Stevens", Anca Rosu, Univ of Alabama Press, 1995

Provides a justification for claiming that sound can cause meaning - doesn't help with program development, but makes its output more significant.

"Sound and Sense in the Poetry of Theodor Storm", Alan B. Galt, Herbert Lang, 1973

Takes the life-work of a poet and classifies the pieces into musical/non-musical. Then does a phoneme analysis of the 2 classes. After that it classifies the pieces according to subject and re-analyses. Lots of tables and useful discussion, though since the experimenter also classified the poems, there's doubt about the conclusions.
Also mentions how statistics from corpuses are a pain because of different classifications used!

"What Makes Sound Patterns Expressive?", Reuven Tsur, Duke Univ Press, 1992

Cognitive Poetics, drawing on experimental psychology. Makes the point that Sound and Speech are processed in different parts of the brain. To these 2 modes he adds a 'Poetic Mode' which he accounts for "in terms of a delay in recoding the acoustic stream of information into the phonetic stream of information"

"Phonosymbolism and Poetic Language", Patrizia Violi (ed), Brepols Publishers, 2000

Notes the trend away from Saussure's arbitrariness of the sign.

"Against arbitrariness: Imitation and Motivation Revived", Linda R. Waugh

"Languages of Iconicity", Ivan Fónagy

"The Taoing of a Sound", Háj Ross

40 pages about the sounds in "The Tyger"

"Sound and Form in Modern Poetry", Harvey Gross, Univ of Michigan Press, 1964

"William Carlos Williams and the Meanings of Measure", Stephen Cushman, Yale Univ Press, 1985

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