My teaching-related deadlines

(n.b. some of these links lead to pages that only Computer Staff can access)
DeadlineTask and InstructionsDone?
2013 Oct 4th Check term-start dates in survey and mark/lab booking softwareNo
2013 Oct 4th Delete Math Quiz repliesNo
2013 Oct 4th Delete IEP repliesNo
2013 Oct 4th Open Math Quiz (uncomment code on the page)No
2013 Oct 4th Delete Mars Lander repliesNo
2013 Oct 4th Open Mars Lander Survey (uncomment code on the page)No
2013 Oct ???th Process Math QuizNo
2013 Oct ??? Staff-only access to math quiz resultsNo
2013 Oct 4thDelete lab-booking and mark-booking entriesNo
2013 Oct 4thSet up lab-booking and lab-markupNo
2013 Oct 4thDelete 1AStatics repliesYes
2013 Oct 4thDelete survey repliesNo
2013 Oct 4thDelete Best Lecturer repliesNo
2013 Oct ???thSet up 1AStatics (after yearlist ready)No
2013 Oct ???Close Maths QuizNo
2013 Oct ???Close Mars Lander SurveyNo
2013 Oct ???Open FFFNo
2013 Oct ???Open best lecturerNo
2013 Oct ???Open SurveyNo
2013 Oct ???Delete old Struct Design survey replies (structdesignreply table)No
2013 Oct ???Delete old Exposition survey replies (expositiontestreply table)No
2013 Oct ???Open Struct Design survey (see NOTES in the WWW processing folder) No
2013 Oct ???Open Exposition surveyNo
2014 Jan ???Start 1AC++ Lent score-tracker (create ahg/1AComputing/scores/enable and change permissions on folder)No
2014 Jan ??? Open IEP survey (see NOTES in the WWW processing folder)No
2014 Jan ???copy 1ADrawing files (and to alj3 rg471 acg66 az304 tk291 spt33 jgt25 fj237 neh27 hm474 hw390 vgb24)No
2014 Jan ???Delete old IIA project repliesNo
2014 Jan ???Delete old C++ test replies (cpptestreply table)No
2014 Jan ???Open IIA project selector (edit the start-date in the config file)No
2014 Feb ???copy 1AComputing files in group-spaceNo
2014 Feb ???Close IIA project selector (edit the code or the end-date in the config file)No
2014 Feb ???Process IIA project selectionsNo
2014 Feb ???copy more 1ADrawing files (after the last session of the previous day)No
2014 Mar ???Stop 1AC++ Lent score-tracker (remove ahg/1AComputing/scores/enable)No
2014 May 14IIA Airfoil project, groups and start set-up No
2014 May 14IIA Software project, CamTools set-up No
2014 Jun 8th, (5pm) IIA Software project report collectionNo
2014 Jun 11thIIA Software project markingNo
2014 Jun ???Close IEP surveyNo
2014 Jun ???Best Lecturer ResultsNo
2014 Jun ???Online Survey ResultsNo
2014 Jun ???Online Survey WinnersNo
2014 Jun ???Close Best Lecturer survey (uncomment code on the page)No
2014 Jun ???Close Survey (edit index.php)No
2014 Jun ???Close FFF (copy index_outofterm.php to index.php)No
2014 Jun ???Close IIA Software CamToolsNo
(other facilities need opening/closing too? IIAsupervision processing, etc)
Tim Love
Updated July 2013