Teaching-related deadlines


Task and InstructionsDone?Done by
Before end of Academic year 2015-16
Process IIAproject survey YesTO
Process IEP surveyNoTO
Close IEP surveyNoTO
Process Best LecturerNoTO
Process Online SurveyYes
Online Survey WinnersNoTO
Close Best Lecturer surveyNoTO
Close SurveyNoTO
Close FFF (copy index_outofterm.php to index.php)Notl136
Process part1A supervision surveyNoTO
Process IIAsupervision survey NoTO
Close part1A supervision surveyNoTO
Close IIAsupervision survey NoTO
Before start of Academic year 2016-17
Check term-start dates in survey and CUEDle (including teaching/bookingreadonly)Notl136
Delete/archive Math Quiz repliesNoTO
Open Math QuizNoTO
Delete/archive Mars Lander repliesNoTO
Open Mars Lander SurveyNoTO
Delete lab-booking and mark-booking entries (see notes)Yestl136
Set up lab-booking and lab-markup for 3F5 etcNotl136
Delete 1AStatics replies (see ~tl136/doc/other/1AStatics/maintainersnotes.pdf)Notl136
Delete/archive survey repliesNoTO
Delete/archive Best Lecturer repliesNoTO
Set up 1AStatics (after yearlist ready - use "~tl136/bin/yearlists 1astatics", etc)Notl136
Update the latex IIB report classes so that the year is rightNotl136
Delete/archive old part1A supervision survey repliesNoTO
Delete/archive old partIIA supervision survey repliesNoTO
Set up part1A supervision surveyNoTO and tl136
Set up partIIA supervision surveyNoTO and tl136
Clear out Supervisor marketplaceNoTO
Clear out Demonstrator marketplaceNoTO
Close Mars Lander SurveyNoTO
Process Mars Lander SurveyNoTO
Set up FFFNotl136 and TO
Open FFFNotl136
Set up best lecturerNotl136 and TO
Open best lecturerNoTO
Set up SurveyNotl136 and TO
Open SurveyNoTO
Set up Struct Design surveyNoTO and tl136
Delete/archive old Struct Design survey repliesNoTO
Open Struct Design survey NoTO
Set up Sustainable Engineering surveyNoTo and tl136
Delete/archive old Sustainable Engineering survey repliesNoTO
Open Sustainable Engineering survey NoTO
Set up Exposition surveyNoTO and tl136
Delete/archive old Exposition survey repliesNoTO
Open Exposition surveyNoTO
End of Mich week 1 2016
Close Maths QuizNoTO
Process Math QuizNoTO
Staff-only access to math quiz resultsNoTO? jpmg?
Before Mich week 3 2016
Delete old IIA project repliesNotl136
Set up IIA project selectorNoIIAproj cooordinator and tl136
Open IIA project selector (edit the start-date in the config file)Notl136
Close IIA project selector (edit the code or the end-date in the config file)Notl136
Process IIA project selectionsNotl136
Before start of Lent 2016-17
Close Exposition surveyNoTO
Process Exposition surveyNoTO
Close Struct Design surveyNoTO
Process Struct Design surveyNoTO
Close Sustainable Engineering surveyNoTO
Process Sustainable Engineering surveyNoTO
Delete/archive IEP survey repliesNoTO
Set up IEP surveyNoTO and tl136
Open IEP surveyNoTO
Before start of Easter 2017
Delete/archive old IIAproject feedback replies YesTO
Activate IIAproject survey NoTO
Tim Love
Updated April 2016