Culture and the CUED help system

CUED's help system has a rather elite target audience who are science-literate, but can be naive computer-wise.

Amongst the opinions about the Help System are these - Some of these beliefs inhibit page production

Some of these beliefs inhibit users trying the help system

Though the skills that web users employ to further their hobbies aren't always used in their academic work, the gap between the help system and other information systems has widened recently. So in 2010 we tried a pilot system based on Wordpress blog software, hoping to leave behind some of the above-mentioned beliefs.

"The Corporate Blogging Book", Debbie Weil (Piatkus, 2006) looks at issues relating to the introduction of blogs into an e-mail-literate workplace. It mentions inhibitions

The book also mentions advantages (back to the index)
March 2010
Tim Love