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The Poetry Library magazine list contains details of printed and electronic magazines. If you're by the South Bank you can look at all the current issues. The poetry magazines archive contains the full text of some poetry magazines. My list of UK magazines gives addresses. Getting poetry published in the UK and The Short Story, UK, September 2005 may be useful to newcomers. My articles My dealings with UK literary magazines (revised March 1998), UK literary magazines, 2002 and UK literary magazines, 2007 give a more personal view.

Which are most worth sending to? Here are some pointers

Here's a list of WWW pages of printed magazines The main magazines about writing (some available in newsagents) are Some of these magazines accept e-mail submissions. Web magazines include

For completeness I should also mention London Review of Books and The TLS.

Tania Hershman maintains a A (Non-Complete) List of UK and Ireland Lit Mags


For lists of poetry competitions see UK poetry competitions (from the Poetry Library), the Poetry Kit list. I've written some UK Poetry Competition notes. A list of Short story competitions is on the short story campaign site. Christopher Fielden's list of Short Story Competitions is most detailed. Arvon, Bridport, the National Poetry Competition, Peterloo and TLS/Blackwells are prestigious and well-established poetry competitions. Bridport's the most well known short story competition with perhaps 11,000 entries/year.

Competitions where the prize is book/pamphlet publication include


Many of these are very small, publishing a book or 2 per year. Umbrella organisations include The bigger publishers have state funding. Here are some figures for 2009-10 to help you assess where to send your work: Carcanet (£119k), Bloodaxe (£96k), Anvil (£92k), Enitharmon (£48k), Arc (£35k), Salt (£18k). See UK poetry small press for more information.


The main annual publication is

In 2011, Salt revived The Best British Short Stories series and started The Best British Poetry series


Here are a few to get you started.


Organisations and Information


Some regional information sites are appearing



Major awards/grants

The regional Arts boards offer Bursaries. The most useful awards for younger writers are

Arts Council England offers grants to individuals and organisations for particular projects.

Information and Opinion


You can sample UK writers at these places

Writers groups

Some groups and individual writers belong to The National Association of Writers' Groups. There's also

Audio Sites



The Arvon Foundation has run residential courses for years, and The Poetry School runs many courses. Amongst the best-known MA courses are

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