Plugging the Gaps: Consultancy and Mentoring

As the tectonic plates of literary power and patronage shift, cracks appear - or opportunities. In the UK I recently become aware of 2 phenomena

The common factor here is the 1 on 1 contact, something lost during the rise of big business and workshops. Another is the expense. Both consultancy and mentoring don't come cheap. Looked at from the organisation's viewpoint, they're both ways of getting money out of Arts Council England without leaving the comfort zone - no new technical skills required, no wheelerdealing.

Quality control is an issue - benefits might not become evident for years. And focussing attention on a few individuals might provoke shouts of Elitism. Who chooses the lucky candidates? Some people get forwarded to a consultancy via their Regional Arts Council who have a grant for that purpose. A shortlist for the Faber scheme was identified by scouts appointed by ACE.

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Updated Feb 2009