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Purposes and Definitions of the Arts

Form (back to top)

Poetry/Prose (back to top)

See also "New Meaning and Poetic Vocabulary ...", B.Watten, "Poetics Today" (V18:2) and my The End of the Line for Modern Poetry article.

Linear/Spatial Form (back to top)

Meaning (back to top)

See also my The Scale of Meaning article.

Truth/Beauty (back to top)

Obscurity/Ambiguity (back to top)

See also my Obscurity and Not so Difficult Poems articles.

Metaphor (back to top)

See also my Metaphor and Simile article.

The Arbitrary Sign (back to top)

Writer/Reader (back to top)

Women (back to top)

Sound (back to top)

Language (back to top)

Meter (back to top)

Rhythm (back to top)

Rhyme (back to top)

See also my Rhyme article.

Voice (back to top)

The Lyric and the Lyrical I (back to top)

Visual Layout (back to top)

Line-breaks (back to top)

Genre (back to top)

Myth, Allegory, Tragedy (back to top)

Quality (back to top)

Criticism (back to top)

Movements (back to top)

Change/Avant-garde (back to top)

Prose/Narrative (back to top)

Music (back to top)

The Visual Arts (back to top)

See also my Painting and Poetry article.

Science (back to top)

See also my Science and the Arts article.

Writing and Society (back to top)

Miscellaneous (back to top)

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