See p.40 of Agenda V35-36:4.1 (Winter-Spring 1998) for an article by Mario Petrucci entitled "Poetry Workshops - Sea change or Algal Bloom". He concludes on p.51 by saying that the "jury's still out on whether the ubiquitous blooming of poetry workshops indicates a revitalised medium or its deepening contamination". Articles like R.J.McCaffery's A Defense of M.F.A. Programs in Poetry are also worth reading.


I've seen various workshop formats and have tried out various ideas with my group.


See my articles page for notes and essays that have been used to motivate workshop exercises, in particular the workshops section. These articles may well need fleshing out before re-use.

Writers Groups

See my Writers Resources page for lists of online and UK groups. Some of the off-line groups have online guidelines
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Tim Love, November 2004.